Well this pretty much sucks, was on my way out to the bike trails when I came across an officer with his brand spankin new Laser Atlanta Speedlaser R, in the normal speed trap location, OSO usually shoots KA constant on, so i thought it was a little strange when i came through with no alert from the STI, then low and behold, i see the officer in the normal location standing outside of his car, Blinder alerted as soon as I got shot around 750 ft from the officer, judging from the length of the alert (alerting after I passed him for about 3-4 seconds), it had some jamming effect but definitly not JTG, kinda disappointing for an M40 on a small car, but at the same time, i'm not surprised, oh well now that i've seen the Speedlaser and Ultralytes in use around here and not the usual ProLaser 3, guess its time to get a park sensor