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Thread: Unmanned Laser?

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    Default Unmanned Laser?

    Okay so I was working like usual today. For my job I have to drive around 200+ miles a day. Anyways, I was on my way back to Irving from Chico, Tx. I took 287 North. When I got to the 114 East exit I took it. Now, if you're familiar with this exit, it veers off to the right, goes up, then back to the left. Once you're over US 287 you go back down to the right. Well, after that downward right turn everyone started braking so I slowed a bit. Then I got a laser warning on the x50. I looked ahead and all I saw was some little stand. First I thought it was a surveyor's stand er w/e those things are and that there was an officer off to the side. I heard a second hit of laser just as the first was winding down. I looked again as I past and it was definitely this stand. It turned out to be 2 stands...right next to each other. One shorter than the other. One was holding a big clear lens with a black interior. The second has about the same size lense on it, but it was red I believe. My checks your speed, the other takes your photo. Is that what this is? PhotoLaser? Help me out people...I'm worried. :shock:

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    I was just in irving yesterday, but i didnt see anything like that. But I didnt go on 287, just 161 and 114. That would really suck if they had photo laser as i always get scared of the amount of laser cops in DFW are using now a days.



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