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    Default Anyone ever got Ka'd 12 times in 3 hours?

    Local D.O.T's and state police teamed up this weekend to I guess blitz the area. I took a girlfriend home, well went and got her. 45 minute trip there, 45 minutes back etc. I went and picked her up and took her to my area, then took her home and me came back etc. Thats about 3 hours of driving or less. Its in the same county also just to let you know how big my county is lol. Well we were driving along, every straight stretch I would get Ka, and it was all real alerts. It was amazing! I couldnt get up to speed without an alert. Just figured I would share this with you guys! lol

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    I got hit with Ka at least 40 times in a 5 hour trip once. Of course I was the one emitting it.
    Seriously though that is a tad overboard!

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    That could be some kind of record!

    And it's not even the end of the month. They want to make their quotas early I suppose.




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