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    Default Kansas- Troopers in semis!

    Your gas tax dollars at work:

    Troopers are riding in privately owned semis running five cameras and a radar gun. When he gets a paying customer he radios ahead to a hidden patrol car. A scanner would be helpful in this situation!

    What will they think of next?


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    Ummmm Ice Cream Trucks??

    No wait...... UPS trucks

    Actually that is pretty sad that they must stoop to that level. If speeding was really "that" bad, than they would just take away your license and throw you in jail. Do you get a hefty fine for killing someone or robbing a bank? No.
    I hope someone figures out a way to sue the hell out of them for that. :twisted:

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    Default I also

    I also hope someone on the CB warns us of where this tactic is being used in Kansas :roll: .



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