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    Default Quebec & Ontario

    Does anyone know if VASCAR is being used in Quebec and Ontario. Also, does the OPP and the SQ tend to use lidar more or radar guns?


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    Never seen Vascar.

    OPP Still mostly radar, though you will find lidar traps from time to time.

    My experience with the SQ has been radar, don't really know how extensively they use lidar.


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    All I see is Lidar used on the highways in the Hamilton/St Kitts/ Niagara Falls areas. Just today going toward Niagara Falls I saw a leo just before where the QEW and 406 split shooting the LTI out of his driver side window to oncoming traffic.

    Rule of thumb, Cop parked parallel = Radar , Cop parked perpendicular = Lidar

    Never seen or heard of anyone busted with VASCAR



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