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    Default Coppell Texas Gets New Police Radar Units

    The other day i was coming out of tomthumbs grocery store and saw two
    motorcycle cops sitting in the parking lot.
    They do that alot around here watching to see if anyone pulls up
    and park's in the firelane.
    Anyways i went over and started talking to one of the officers.
    I asked him what kind of radar were they using.
    This cop was actually really nice. He told me they were using KA band
    Stalker atr radar. He even showed me the radar gun!
    He also told me the coppell police were getting all new radar units.
    I asked him if they were the pop radar's. He told me he din't know
    Or he couldnt tell me, but he did tell me they had all the bell's and whistles.
    Ok today i saw a motorcycle cop shooting radar here in coppell,
    I got a good look at it as i was sitting at a red light and he was just across
    from me.
    My RD did not go off!!!! The radar gun was not the stalker that i saw the other day. the one the motorcycle cop showed me.
    I do not have pop on my rd so im just wandering if thats what it was?About a 1/2 mile down the road another motorcycle cop was running radar and my rd went off on ka. I saw him pointing the gun and it was the stalker ka. The fist cop i saw, the radar gun was was a lot smaller
    and looked like it had a light blue cover on the front. Hand held unit.
    Next time i see my freindly motorcycle cop il ask again to see what new radar they got.

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    could of been shooting laser or POP from a zseries gun but that is a big gun to bring on a cycle

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