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    Default laser encounter mile marker 675 hwy 401 east

    The O.P.P. were busy yesterday .They had 3 laser units on tripods taking readings from cars heading east on 401 near the Mallorytown turn off.This is a real popular spot for this type of activity.I had my sti with me while i was headed towards Kingston kind of expected to see some speed enforcement at this point .No reading from sti west bound,so on the way back I was curious to see how sti did on laser.Now i had a good idea that there trap was still in operation so when i reached mm 672 i slowed to speed limit and stayed behind an 18 wheeler the trailer was dark black ,at mm473 the laser alert went i got over 1.5 km of warning distance
    Now there were 3 laser guns set up so lots for sti to see plus it was probably bouncing off of truck ahead of me. The O.P.P. like their new toys

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    The OPP detachment in that area is notorious for heavy enforcement. It's pathetic at best---you're in the middle of nowhere, on a perfectly flat four-lane highway, with probably the slowest speed limit in the civlized world (100 km/62 mph)....all in the name of safety of course. :roll:



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