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    Default NY/NJ/De Common traps on I95/I87/GSP/LIE and others

    I wanted to compile a decent list before I posted this. This is in excel spreadsheet format. for the webpage version - thanks licamell, I had no idea saving as a webpage was even an option in excel.

    I also want to make sure I'm obeying the forum rules as best I can; to the best of my knowledge this is okay. Let me know if otherwise.

    (Additionally, I feel like the Speed Trap Info section and the Local and Regional Info are one in the same. They should be reunited. This post is info about speed traps but it's regional in nature. In which section should it go?)

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    Good work. If you want to save an XLS to a webpage, the easiest way is to just use "save as webpage" in Excel (if you have an older version you might have to use Save As, and then selecting html/webpage.

    This is assuming you have a place to host your webpage and you're allowed to upload the html.



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