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    Default South Carolina

    What is the deal with this state.
    I have two people tell me that they got tickets in SC for going 4 miles over the PSL.

    One person says she was behind a LEO who pulled to the side then behind her then lit her up. What gives? Both instances were people with NC state licence plates.
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    Having a foreign license plate is a way of saying, "I will not fight any ticket given to me." and, "I'm free for the taking."

    I wish something could be done about it. It is beyond unfair, it is majorly corrupt.

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    Default SC

    SC has k,ka,laser and in some remote areas x band. Good luck in SC. One of my favorite states to drive through.

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    what about POP

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    Default Re: South Carolina

    Quote Originally Posted by John_in_NC
    What is the deal with this state.
    I have two people tell me that they got tickets in SC for going 4 miles over the PSL.
    Is that abnormal? Around here, cops are even more aggressive than that, I don't dare exceed the speed limit by 1mph if I know a cop is nearby.

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    Greenville-385 between Woodruff Rd and Downtown. Lots of laser running. Passed several LEOs with gun hanging out the window and V1 never went off. I assume they were shooting laser.

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    Default SC

    I just got a ticket in SC. No speed measurement device was listed (there was no field to write one in on the ticket) and my old V1 never went off.

    Either laser or POP. Even though they aren't supposed to issue a ticket based on POP alone.

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    I can't speak for all of SC, but here's what I have figured out about the Greenville area...

    Greenville City PD... The traffic division uses mainly marked units, although there is at least one unmarked white Dodge Charger.

    During weekday mornings and afternoons, I-385 (north and southbound) from where it originates (at Stone Avenue) out until Woodruff Road is all fair game. I've seen units parked under the Haywood Road overpass, as well as the Patewood Drive overpass. The I-385/I-85 interchange is also a possibility.

    Greenville County Sheriff's Office... Unmarked Impalas and some marked Crown Vics. A lot of random enforcement efforts on residential areas (presumably areas where complaints of speeding are coming from.)

    The one area that is enforced again and again is I-85 NB beginning at the I-185 on ramp to I-85 and going up until at least the Augusta Road/291 exits. This occurs at the lunch hour on weekdays such as Mon-Thurs and then some nights (usually Fri and Sat.) If you're traveling through SC on I-85NB, watch for this. It's not an every single day of the week type thing, but it is definitely consistent.

    SCHP is also active on the entire stretch of I-85 in Greenville County. I haven't been able to pinpoint any real areas though that they are consistent with.



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