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    does anyone here know what band they use out here? b/c i was considering in buying a x50 but i think i may be spending to much for a new time RD user. then i read up on the RX65 and some say it's not very good against lasers.. so i'm stuck, i dont know if i should just play safe and get x50 or get the RX65, but i'm still unsure what the cops here use? any advice?

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    OK the X50 is better on laser this is true but 95% of the time when you get an alert you are already being shot. Tje 0ther 5% of the time you pick up scatter before you get shot. Either way you don't have any (or in the 2nd cse much) time to slow down. I would not make laser something that affects your readar detector purchase.

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    good stuff, thanks

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    What is SFV?

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    San Fernando Valley



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