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    Default salem and portland oregon info?

    does anyone know the main methods they use for enforcement in the salem and portland oregon area? thanks.

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    Default know

    I know in some smaller towns in Oregon, X band is used.

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    Beaverton Oregon?

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    Watch out for the cameras!!!

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    Bringing this back up, anybody know what's used in the PDX area?

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    Default X alive and well

    OSP uses X, a lot. I/O, too.
    Though the guy I saw busted yesterday had just passed me and a trooper passed me and got on his tail for 30 seconds, pacing until he turned the lights on. V1 never peeped.
    I was doing 75-80 when this WRX caught me and passed (in a yellow). I immediately saw the Crown Vic closing and slowed, edged WAY right, no brakes, trooper blew past me.
    IOW, the WRX was blind and/or stupid.

    First day I had the new V1 (old ones lost to a couple tall blondes!) had a really long range X hit then NONE for 5 months. Left it enabled. Then just before Christmas started to see it weekly. And several cars nailed by OSP.

    Just noticed; old thread



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