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    Default Help! RoadTrip Baltimore MD, to Myrtle Beach SC.

    I just got the directions I will be using for my R&R coming up in August. I'm not that much worried about MD because I drive there quite a bit. However, I've only drove in south MD a few times, BUT I'm more worried about VA at this point.

    If anyone can point out any speedtraps on this route that mapquest printed out please please advice

    I'll be leaving the EVO with my roommate and taking his S4 so atleast I wont be in a flashy car!!

    Merge onto CAPITAL BELTWAY / I-495 W via EXIT 27 toward SILVER SPRING. 29.7 miles

    8: Merge onto I-95 S via EXIT 57A toward RICHMOND. 86.1 miles

    9: Merge onto I-295 S via EXIT 84A on the LEFT toward ROCKY MT NC. 43.2 miles

    Take the I-295 S exit on the LEFT toward I-95 SOUTH / EMPORIA / ROCKY MOUNT NC. 0.9 miles

    Merge onto I-95 S. 245.2 miles

    12: Take the SC-38 exit- EXIT 181- toward SC-917 / LATTA / MARION. 0.1 miles

    13: Turn LEFT onto SC-38 E. 7.3 miles

    14: Turn RIGHT onto US-501 S. 56.5 miles

    Again any help I would greatly appreciate.

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    The most important section of VA to be careful in is the stretch of I95 from the Fairfax / Prince William County line to the Quantico marine base, probably about 5 miles. This is the section of 95 that passes Potomac Mills mall, it's one of 3 Highway Safety Zones being tested by the state, a reckless driving ticket in one of these areas can net you a $1000-$2500 fine...


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    Pretty much your whole route is one big speedtrap. As long as you don't do over 10 above you should be ok. Really watch out in Myrtle Beach.

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    I did this same trip last year.

    What CyberSEAL said about that stetch in VA is absolutely true.

    Honestly, the whole stratch of 95 is a mess speed trap wise. Keep your eyes open and your speeds reasonable.

    That S4 may not be as 'flashy' looking, but it's just as powerful (depending what gen, obviously.) Keep the foot light. ;-)

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    Also be very careful around Richmond if you drive straight through on I-95 because this area is also a Highway Safety Corridor. There is a massive amount of police in unmarked cars as well as white highway security trucks with orange lights on the top that will call you in over the scanner for speeding and reckless driving. This happened to me once causing me to have to bail off the nearest exit.

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    From reading other posts I gather laser is not that big of a threat in VA just yet? If that's the case that makes me ride a little easier but I will head the advice The S4 has a full 3" exhaust from the turbos with a sick ECU tune and it can move at the tune of 310WHP so I'll have to drive a little slower

    Thanks for the help guys. I just sent the V1 in to get the 3.825 update but on the trip I'm gonna see if the girlfriend will document any radar / laser encounters so I can write up a little report on how well the V1 did!

    thanks again




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