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    Default Twin Cities installer

    Anyone one in the Twin Cities know of a shop that works on high-end cars for electronics installs? I am looking for a very experienced shop/person to do some, uh, stereo work on my Viper and need a shop that has a lot of, uh, creativity and experience installing all types of electronic gear, especially gear that is hidden from view both inside and out so that thieves cant see the stuff...



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    These guys have lots of stereo install trophies. Lots of pics of installs.
    Shop don't look like much, but 1st place trophies for best system installs says enough. If you have the cash.

    This is the info:
    M & M Custom Car
    8003 W 124th St
    Savage, MN 55378-1058
    Phone: 952-882-9237



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