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    Default Interstate 40, Knoxville area

    Tennessee vehicle enforcement units are active in the Knoxville area on I40 both eastbound and westbound. I counted five units on my trip through I40 on Wednesday afternoon. There is an emergency vehicle turn around in the middle of the construction zone (before reaching Knoxville on I40), and three of the vehicle enforcement units were parked in there.

    I did not detect any type of radar being used, however.

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    Yeah, I've had that happen before with TN state troopers. When I had my STi, which was EXCELLENT for laser, I drove by a trooper sitting on the far right side of the road with his butt facing oncoming traffic....the STi stayed quiet. I wonder if he was shooting laser through his mirror as he had someone pulled over already when I was coming the other way, and again the RD stayed quiet....*shrugs*



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