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    Default Speed trap info -- Boston to NY city

    Any specific areas I should watch out for speed traps while taking the route below? Any new unmarked cruisers to watch out for?... Reason I mention this because last time I remember, I was pulled over by a Ford econoline VAN while traveling on the I90 masspike!! so I'm basically paranoid and suspicious of every car out there. I usually scan plates and look for a hint of any hidden strobe lights on every car I pass ever since this experience. Also, anyone knows if I/O is practiced by state troopers down those routes? I'm basically covered against radar and laser but will be toast if I get I/Oed without an advance warning.

    Here is the route I will use for my trip:

    5. Turn right at Concord Turnpike/RT-2 W Continue to follow RT-2 W 6.5 mi
    7 mins (3 minutes my time)

    6. Take exit 52A to merge onto I-95 S/RT-128 S toward Attleboro 6.1 mi
    7 mins (3 minutes my time)

    7. Take exit 25 to merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike/Mass Pike Partial toll road **44.8 mi 42 mins (25 minutes my time)

    8. Take exit 9 to merge onto I-84 W toward US-20/Sturbridge/Hartford Partial toll road Entering Connecticut **41.7 mi 40 mins (20 minutes my time)

    9. Take exit 57 on the left to merge onto CT-15 S toward I-91 S/Charter Oak Bridge/N.Y. City 2.6 mi 3 mins

    10. Take exit 87 for I-91 S/Brainard Rd toward Brainard Airport/Airport Rd/I-84-ALT W 0.5 mi 1 min

    11. Merge onto I-91 S 16.0 mi 16 mins (7 minutes my time)

    12. Take exit 17 for W Cross Pkwy/CT-15 S/E Main St 0.4 mi

    13. Merge onto CT-15 S Entering New York **64.4 mi 1 hour 12 mins (35 minutes my time)

    14. Continue on Hutchinson River Pkwy S 10.6 mi 12 mins

    15. Slight left at Cross County Pkwy W (signs for George Washington Bridge/Cross County Pkwy) 4.7 mi 6 mins

    16. Take the Saw Mill Pkwy S exit toward New York City 0.2 mi

    17. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Saw Mill River Pkwy S and merge onto Saw Mill Pkwy S/Saw Mill River Pkwy S 1.7 mi 2 mins

    18. Continue on Henry Hudson Pkwy Partial toll road 10.5 mi

    Thank you in advance for ur input!!!

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    Suf Daddy


    That's pretty much the way I go. FAST LANE / EZ PASS a MUST!

    that puts you under the GW bridge on 9W.

    HEre's the trick:

    95 128:
    Moving LEO's in unmarkeds any shoulder vehicle is to be suspected.

    The downhill towards the Weston (rt 20) is to be watched for LEos in the DBL.

    Mass Pike.

    Kinda a moving crap shoot here.

    The barracks can have activity and the on ramps from the rest areas too.
    Usually activity is East bound. Watch the DBL between 146 and the 290 Worcester exits. ALSO watch the 290 on ramp area: The turn out just as it merges with the pike lanes is a spot to hide.

    The drone aways runs just before the I-84 exit, but that spot hasN'T been active site for awhile

    On 84, once you pass Rt 20 (first exit after tolls) watch center median then after the truck stop watch ALL the BDL and rest area pull offs.

    Ct has rolling hills and the under bridge abutment or on ramps is their fancy in the stretch before the truck weigh station ~12 miles.

    They LOVE the weigh station area and then on the sweeping left downhill to the "rest area" just after the Uconn (gas stations) exit, they love to park perpendicular and shoot you as you exit the left sweeper in a right hand turn.

    15 off 84 VERY SHORT over bridge...NO BODY
    EXIT onto 91 South after bridge MUCH FASTER TO jump on 15 then OFF on 91 for 20 miles then back on 15, in Wallyland.

    91 has 3 miles of K drones just as you enter on the 91 corridor.
    On 91: a few median places, but they are the ones with the signs.
    In Wallingford Rt 5 / Exit to the Merrit / Wilbur Cross (15) is a HIGH speed merge w/ 691.

    15 can have some far off to the right on the grassy knoll type of spots, but the entire place is so narrow and the medain speed is 70 - 75.

    You run (IMHO) more chance of blowing by a LEO on the on ramps than you do finding one parked in the shadows. Usually rolling along.

    No trailers on the parkways.

    NY, usually no body there on those parkways down to the GW.

    Behave and it'll go pretty quickly unless somebody wrecks on the Parkway in CT.

    Use a GPS or map to have your escape routes down to 95;

    8 / 25 to Bridgeport

    Rt 1 (just before HUGE river bridge by the Sikorsky helicopter plant.

    The Super 7 (exit Rt 7 and go NORTH) in Norwalk, then left onto the "super 7 highway down to 95.

    Plus a few other roads (use a map).

    The NY parkways are a MAZE. know where you are going!

    Use either 287 or 87 to get down to 95 if needed.

    BEST to use 95 ONLY if you don't know the parkways in NY (Westchester CO) like the back of your hand..........

    -Suf Daddy

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    Thanks for the great and detailed info Suf!! But ...... Believe it or not..... I was nabbed by laser with my laser jammer on!!! sucks!! it was in CT for 80 miles in a 65 at 350 feet. It was right at the beginning of 84. I had almost 3/4 of road to cover to my destination... it felt like $hit for the rest of the trip knowing my jammer is freaking useless. I officially announce that Blinder jammer is a piece of useless junk for me!!

    This was a very very interesting stop as the LEO was super cool. He knew all about jammers and knew he was being jammed from my car. I tried without any success to make him confess he made that reading up as I was sure I slowed down to 60 miles before switching the screaming jammer alert off. I have a feeling he was frustrated he couldn’t get my actual speed and decided to pull me over anyways…. Not really sure what to speculate here as the blinder is known to be useless under 900-800 feet against certain lidar guns according to the GOL testing. We had a long conversation after he handed me my ticket, he actually told me he felt bad for writing me the ticket at the end of our conversation and gave me the exact location of 2 other LEOs shooting laser to where I’m headed!!! That info was well needed as I no longer felt comfortable speeding with the blinder junk. The LEO seemed pretty educated about this stuff that I wouldn’t be surprised if he reads this forum regularly. The only thing I didn’t like about the LEO is he tried to B.S me at the begining of our conversation that laser jammers are illegal in CT and that the court will charge me a fee of $500-$1000 for having the equipment if I decide to fight it. I just did a quick research on CT laser jammer laws and couldn’t find anything about it being illegal. This seems to be total B.S unless there is some kind of new recent law out there not documented on the net yet !!!

    I will post more details in the real experiences section and another in the how to beat your ticket section if I decide to fight it.



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