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    Default I 70 though Missouri

    Anyone who travels on I 70 though Missouri watch out for Ka like no other. I cant recall exactly where but we had a 2 on the toll part of I 70 in Missouri.

    As someone thats never been to Missouri before then when you get an I/O it can make your heart pump.

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    Try again, there are no interstates that are toll roads in Missouri. I-70 between Topeka Kansas and Kansas City Kansas is toll.

    In KC the Kansas City MO police and North KC police will sit on bends along 470 and 435 in morning and afternoon rush facing with the flow of traffic , face backwards in the seat, crack their door using laser.

    There is a spot on 70 right before Midway exit HP will sit in the median quite a bit. Also two miles to the east just inside the Columbia city limits.

    There is a weight station aroud St. Charles or O'fallon on 70, I have seen county sherrif in the median a lot also.

    Traveling at night on 70 I have been hit with instant on by a trooper siting in the center of a rural overpass. No other traffic. That was only once as I do not travel at night very much and it was west of Marshall exit (hwy 65).

    Hatton exit East of Columbia trooper will sit facing down the on ramp to 70.

    Callaway County MSHP will use the plane on 70 and 54.

    In Columbia on 70 Columbia PD would sit on the rangeline rd overpass and set up a speed trap with lasar about 4 times a year, but I have not seen this since they put chain link over the overpasses.

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    OK, there is NO weight station around O'Fallon or St. Charles. "There used to be" but has not been for years!

    There is one that I believe you are referring to in Fortistell, MO. State, County and Fortistell sit in the median there all the time.

    *Note Foristell,MO writes the most tickets over warnings in the St. Charles County region.
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