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    Heading up to Maine this coming week. Gonna go chow down at the Yarmouth Clam Festival. I'll be heading up 84 through CT, then 84/90/495/95 through MA, then 95 into ME. What should I be looking out for, in terms of laser/radar and vehicles/tactics? I know 684/84 through NY is going to be mostly Ka in dark blue CVPIs, but what about CT and MA? FWIW I have an x50, Blinder, and Veil.

    Pretty sure my NJ EZ-Pass works throughout New England, doesn't it? Can anyone confirm? Thanks in advance!

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    I've seen laser and Ka on I-84. MA has pretty much the whole gamut AFAIK possibly including X band, though I haven't seen it myself. NH has primarily Ka and laser (K band from locals) but they can also run VASCAR from the air. ME, not sure offhand, but probably the same stuff (Ka, laser, possible air VASCAR).

    EZ Pass works in MA and ME AFAIK, and is in the process of going online in NH over the next month or so. If you go through the Hampton tolls on I-95 in NH, they won't have EZ Pass until August or so. So bring some cash along.
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