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    Default CMS signs in Oklahoma City

    Just in the last couple of days I have noticed on my 30mi commute, my RD detecting K-band every mile (on and off) for 6-8 miles straight. I quickly realized that this was is in an area on either side of an interchange (that they are about to begin an overhaul). I've found that there are construction signs on trailers in the areas where the alerts occur. Before you say, well DUH! Here's the deal, as of now these signs are turned or facing parallel to the road. The message on the signs are "TEST 800" "TEST 801" etc. Has anyone else experienced this? Are they just surveying speeds now before construction or will they eventually turn the signs to face the road? I have never seen radar equipped signs in the metro area. Just have seen them in southern OK on the way to Dallas.

    I did some research on these signs and I think they are CMS (changeable message signs) that have software to be able to display different messages depending on radar readings. Makes me wish I still had my Crapra to see if these have SWS or not

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    Probably not SWS... a lot of CMS signs have drones on them, and I've seen one CMS that could display your speed too (sort of a cross between a speed trailer and a CMS).
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    Default sneaky OHP

    Today, on my way way to work, the OHP were parked approx 1/8 mi past these constant on K-band signs. They were also running K-band. Since these signs appeared about a week ago, I think they gave time for certain RD users to get comfortable with the alerts in the area. The speeding car approaching me from behind got busted! I generally don't speed excessively and am very cautious in certain areas. It was nice to see my EXP display 'Kii' These signs are located near the I-44/I-235 interchange and are still parallel with the roadway. I borrowed a Whistler to check for SWS and as kpatz stated, it is a negative. I have even noted in the last couple of days, some of the antennas have come out of position adjustment and are at a 45 degree angle to the roadway. Test results will be inaccurate. (tax money well spent)



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