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    Default Other Ka besides Stalker in CA??

    I have been pondering lately if anyone knows about local departments in California that use Ka guns besides Stalker.

    I'm sure there must be some that use either MPH or Kustom guns?

    Anyone know of such a place or seen a 33.8 or 35.5 on the tech mode display?

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    The only way to know is to run an Escort 8500 or a 9500 in Spec mode and watch the freqs.

    Why do you ask though? I mean, the V1 covers all Ka freq ranges....unless you're just curious.

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    I see 35.5Ka every day by Signal Hill PD running their Kustom Golden Eagles. I have seen other PDs running lots of 35.5Ka. I have never seen 33.8Ka anywhere in Cali. CHP uses nothing but Stalker 34.7Ka for radar.



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