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    Default West Tx to Forth Walton Beach Fl

    Driving directions that i will be taking,let me know what i should expect on this trip

    Depart US-62 / Avenue E (south)
    Turn LEFT (east) onto US-82 / 4 St (64.2 mi)
    Bear RIGHT (east) onto road (0.1 mi)
    Bear RIGHT (south) onto US-82 / US-83 (64.3 mi)
    Turn RIGHT (south) onto US-183 / US-277 / US-283 / N Main St (0.7 mi)
    Turn LEFT (east) onto SR-114 / E Ingram St (79.7 mi)
    Bear LEFT (southeast) onto SR-199 East toward Fort Worth / TX-199 (46.6 mi)
    Take ramp RIGHT toward I-820 East (1 mi)
    Merge onto I-820 / NW Loop 820 East (northeast) (11.6 mi)
    Take ramp RIGHT to SR-121 East / SR-183 / Airport Fwy North (26.5 mi)
    At exit 428A, take ramp LEFT to I-30 East (8.1 mi)
    Bear RIGHT (east) onto US-80 East toward Terrell / US-80 East (19.1 mi)
    Bear LEFT (east) onto SR-557 Spur East toward Shreveport / TX-557-Spur East (3.7 mi)
    Take ramp LEFT toward I-20 East (0.9 mi)
    Merge onto I-20 East (east) (136.5 mi)
    Entering Louisiana
    Stay on I-20 East (southeast) (189.5 mi)
    Entering Mississippi
    Stay on I-20 East (southeast) (46.2 mi)
    Take ramp RIGHT toward Hattiesburg / US-49 South (1.3 mi)
    Merge onto US-49 South (southwest) (82 mi)
    Take ramp RIGHT to I-59 South (8.1 mi)
    At exit 59, take ramp RIGHT to US-98 East (65.4 mi)
    Entering Alabama
    Stay on US-98 / Moffett Rd (southeast) (21.9 mi)
    Turn LEFT (north) onto E I-65 Service Rd N (0.2 mi)
    Take ramp LEFT to I-65 North (3.5 mi)
    At exit 9, take ramp RIGHT to I-165 South (5.8 mi)
    Take ramp LEFT toward Pascagoula / I-10 / Pensacola (0.4 mi)
    Merge onto I-10 East (north) (39.6 mi)
    Entering Florida
    Stay on I-10 East (southeast) (55.9 mi)
    Take exit 56 RIGHT toward Crestview / SR-85 / Niceville (0.3 mi)
    Merge onto SR-85 South / S Ferdon Blvd (south) (14.8 mi)
    Turn LEFT (east) onto CR-190 / W College Blvd (0.4 mi)
    Arrive at Elgin AFB Golf Course (golf course), Niceville, Florida, United States

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    Yeouch. Guess you already took this trip. Wish I'd seen as I could've given you a faster way and told you what to avoid in north and central LA.



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