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    Default Michigan and X-band?

    Thinking about switching off the X-band on my V1 to reduce falsings. Is X still in use in Michigan? Thanks!

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    Default for the most part

    For the most part it is not used in Michigan but wait just a minute. Around the Saginaw/Bay City area around Beaver rd and on M-13, x band has been seen used by some countie LEOS. You are forewarned. This is the only place I know about. It's not used over by me, but when I travel, it comes back on because you truly never know.

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    In Southeast Michigan I shut X off....It's all Ka 35.5 around here with the occasional K hit. When I leave Michigan on business, X is turned back on.

    I do turn it on when I travel up north though. I use to live in Tawas City and the city cop used X. Seen it spotty in other small towns up there as well.

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    MSP uses mostly K, Ka, and laser on the highway (primarily Ka), I've had only one X encounter in MI, had a strong alert building up to my exit and saw a MSP SUV right in front of my exit, but I could not get up to it to confirm the source.

    I think disabling or maybe advanced-logic mode would be safe to do for MI, but for highway trips I'd recommend letting on a bit of X



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