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    Default NYPD radar encounter.......opinions please

    Had a sort of weird 'encounter' with a NYPD Task Force unit last night while on my way to work, and am hoping that some one will be able to shed some light on it.

    The cruiser was situated facing east, monitoring south bound traffic as they decended down a hill. The officer was using an instant on, hand held K unit.

    I was travelling east, and was stopped for a red light aprx one car length back from him with no one in front of me (officer was parked in a crosswalk). As a car decended the hill, he raised the unit out of the window and activated it.

    My detector did alert, but only with a strength of 1. Any one know why this would be? I would assume that being right on top of him I would get a full alert.

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    So, you were headed east, and the cruiser was in front of you, also pointing east, shooting radar at southbound traffic?

    If this is the case, the beam would have been pointing away from you, and perpendicular to your car (and your detector). You would only get a reflected signal in this instance.
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    You're right......thats what I get for thinking about something with a tired mind.



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