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    I just got back from a vacation in the Florida Keys, driving from Miami to Key West and Back. If anyone ever drives down that way, really be careful. I have never seen more cops than in the Keys. Besides Florida Highway Patrol in marked, unmarked and flat tops, you all have the Monroe County Sheriffs in everything from marked to motorcycles. Throw in an occasional local cop and you have a ton of cops. The speed limits go from everything from 55 on down. Be careful.

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    Yes, sadly, VA


    We went down there last year in October and didn't see the first one. I drove the PSL because I was rubbernecking the gorgeous views. Things change though. We were going back this year, 3 weeks ago, but starting getting sick towards the end of our cruise and decided to head home instead. :cry:

    Don't hit the Key Deer either. :shock:

    Thanks for the heads-up! :wink:



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