Vancouver, WA
~ mile marker 3 to 4 on I5 NB - Laser Trap at bottom of hill

just at the bottom of the hill there is usually an officer sitting on the shoulder of the 3 lane road shooting laser. The speed limit is 60MPH but the roads could easily handle 70MPH and going down hill you can pick up speed without knowing it. The posted speed limit doesn't go up to 70MPH until about MM 14 so in this area the police at all times know that this is easy pickins as people aren't paying attention to their speed or might think the limit is 70MPH instead of 60MPH.

I know b/c I got a ticket at 5:30AM one day for going 72MPH since I don't travel much in WA and thought it was 70MPH. I nicely explained this all to the officer but he gave me a $140 ticket anyway. I think there were about 3 other cars around me during this time, clear no rain, big wide 3 lane highway with a sweeping down hill curve. I guess the department really needs the money!

Click here for a map of the area where the trap is located