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    Default Point Assessment for Illinois

    I dug up a copy of the points assessed for various offenses in the state of Illinois.

    Heres a sample
    11-503 55 Reckless driving
    11-505 10 Squealing or screeching tires
    11-601(a) 10 Speeding too fast for conditions
    11-601(b)(01) 5 1-10 mph above limit
    11-601(b)(03) 15 11-14 mph above limit
    11-601(b)(05) 20 15-25 mph above limit
    11-601(b)(07) 50 Over 25 mph above limit
    11-601(b)(08*) 50 26-29 mph above limit
    11-601(b)(09) 50 Over 29 mph above limit

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    You can avoid a lot of the points assessments by requesting "court supervision" for 6 months. If you don't get another ticket in 6 months, your record is cleared. I got a ticket about 4 years ago and requested court supervision. I was a good boy for 6 months, so my record was cleared. I got pulled over a few months ago and the cop let me off with a warning because my record showed no tickets for over 6 years. So the one I got 4 years ago was truly cleared off my record.

    The catch is, in order to get court supervision, you need to plead guilty, pay the fine, and then pay a court fee equal to the fine (so you pay double). Still, it's worth it to get your record cleared.



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