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    Default the police are now posting on it

    My local paper did a follow-up article on the NMA news release about the worse speedtrap locations.

    The local article talked about which township was the worse in the area and how some of the information is not correct, which is true or is outdated now. I went to see if they had some of the well known spot and to my surprise it appears the local cops posted responses like the speed limit is 25 so it mean you can not go 30.

    Another example:

    They talked to some of local Police about the site and some simple said they are not speed traps but "enhanced enforcement areas" I guess changing the name means they are doing something completely different now.

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    I think that LEO has a point. A "speed trap" is a drop in the speed limit for no apparent reason. If there's an intersection or a school zone then the limit should drop and they should enforce the area because there is a speed hazard there.

    My problem with speed traps in when they hide in areas where the speed is unreasonably low for road conditions and leave other more dangerous areas un-patroled.
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    I agree for the most part in PA they are just enforcing the speed limits as posted, there are few example where I would argue the speed it too low and the Police take advantage of that fact and write more tickets at this location. But for the most part they are getting the average person who are not paying attention.

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    Interesting. is mine, so I've floated it around. One of the local police officials around here is in my cigar club. He probably has hundreds of officers reporting to him. I've also spoken to CHP HQ.

    To my surprise - likely allies. They don't dislike radar detectors or Trapster or (at least the ones I spoke with).

    They feel like they will always have enough people to catch, and if something beeps and a driver slows down or doesn't run a red light, they have met their objective, everyone's happy, and they'll just catch the next guy. (most people will never use stuff like radar detectors anyway).

    Basically they feel it expands their presence, promoting safety (in an awkward sort of way, but why not?).

    $.02, just the opinions I've heard, obviously some states differ



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