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    Default Mobile photo radar in MA?

    Maybe two months ago I was headed north on 84 into the 84/Mass Pike tolls and I saw something I had never seen before. The V1 usually goes NUTS at that spot because of a road sign with a fixed radar transmitter (K-Band), but this time there were two bogeys. Already in the right lane I slowed down to the ridiculous 40MPH limit just before I came upon a blue full-size van of some sort in the breakdown lane, with the V1 at full lock. I didn't take a good look because I really didn't expect it to be the source, but there's no doubt that it was. Could this have been a mobile photo setup? Or just an unmarked SP van waiting to chase someone down? You'd think he would have been on the move in that case because there were DEFINITELY people doing 55+ at that point. Has anyone else seen something similar in MA?

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    Maybe it was a company testing it's guns like somebody had a video of in another post?

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    Default Speed Surveys

    Speed Labs does not have a full size blue van, but it is common for them to do this type of work as consultants doing speed surveys for Highway departments
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