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    Default anyone have info on durham,nc ?

    I have a v1 and I pass cops all day and dont get anything ? Today I got a "J"
    which stands for junk alarm in front of a undercover at a stoplight . What the hell is going on with my V1 ?

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    From my Understanding, Valentine had an Issue
    at one time with The V1 J'ing out real KA
    threats. I'm sure someone with some V1
    experience will step in and go into detail
    about this for you. I've never owned a V1
    but have heard of this issue. This could
    be what you are experiencing.

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    I do not know if you are new to RDs, but a lot of cops never turn their stuff on unless it is, what I call, enforcement day. In Wilmington, they actually have MUD, maximum uniform deployment, where every cop works that day and all they do is set up speed traps and DUI road blocks (at night). Also, they tend to go out looking for speeders all on the same day, or maybe they just rotate areas. If I pick up radar one day, there is a 75% chance I will be shot at least 2 more times that day, 25% of the time it is a few more miles away from the same spot on the same drive. They will also drive back and forth the same road at night, I have seen 3 people pulled over by three different cops on both sides of the road in a 1.5mile stretch of road.

    If you already know this than you might want to check it out. A clear test would be driving up to a drug store... but you probably already know that. Also, to test laser you can always use a TV remote.

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    Default Ka band

    Saw a Durham city cop today with Ka band radar. :shock:

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    Default Re: Ka band

    Quote Originally Posted by neopostman
    Saw a Durhan city cop today with Ka band radar. :shock:
    Durham SO is using Ka as well-



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