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    Default Route 17, NJ, county police using RDD?

    hey guys, these county cops are everywhere on Route 17, NJ, mostly towards the Lyndhurst side and they are pulling people over constantly.

    i see they pull over trucks a lot, even while truck drivers there are pretty good at following the speed limit. today on one of the county cop cars, i saw a boxy unit below the rearview mirror, fixed. is that a radar detector detector, and you think they have Spectre units (which only the bel Sti is immune)

    thinkin they all have RDD b/c a lot of trucks get pulled over here.

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    could be a camera...but yea seems like a spectre

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    i dont think they have spectre units if soo nj you can have a could have been looking at a the spycam in the window witch is almost the same size as the
    spectre unit idk thanks for the info
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    Bergen County Sheriff are cameras below RVM no spectras



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