Any one coming into, or just passing through the Reno Nevada area these are the very hot areas to watch out for, expect speed traps daily!


Coming from Sacramento to Reno on I80 passing through the Truckee area is usualy clear other than mobile units. As your west bound on I80 and just passing Truckee, CA watch out for rear shooting laser setting at the on ramp for exit 190 just past the last Truckee exit. About 1-2 miles past this exit is their other very favorite spot. It affects East bound I80 traffic only, they well set on the right shoulder east bound across from the Agriculture check station. Once past that CA Ag station thats on the west bound side your clear for take off all the way to the Boomtown area in Verdi, NV. In 3 years and multiple daily driving in that stretch of highway I've never seen a patrol car.

On this same route once into the Nevada State line on I80 put your full alert gaurd on as you pass Nevada I80 Exit 3. NHP is always hot and heavy with Ka and POP at the always closed Truck Check station on your right and in the center lane just before Boomtown (exit 4). Random, but not regular road side Ka band checks possible past there and into Reno.

In Reno city limits traps are very rare on I80, left lane, stay with the flow.

Past Reno (Sparks) its usualy clear up to the Mustang Exit, never seen anything in that area East bound I80. Once past the Mustang exit start looking out for VASCAR hot and heavy all the way into the second Fernley exit. Clear for take off in any areas where you don't see the distinctive VASCAR white markings on the side of the road. Their Favorite spots though are just before the Derby Dam exit and just past the rest area you'll see on the West bound side. Usually hitting this area hot and heavy before 11AM. Day time risk only.

Once past Fernley exits its usually clear sailing all the way to Winnemucca, have seen only 2 times out of thousands of passes people pulled over just past the last Lovelock area, not sure where the PO was setting to get them or how. Some areas may have on coming POP, most of the road is divided by almost a mile though between East and West bound lanes, and no places for them to hide.

Hwy 50 Fernley, NV to Fallon, NV
Nevada Hwy 50 between Fernley, NV and Fallon, NV is under construction for double lanes. Hot and heavy in this area, all areas, Ka band POP day and night both directions though east bound is more of a threat. Several X and K falses as well, no buildings or any known reason for the falses in these areas. Stationary but more common is on coming POP.

US 395 North of Reno

From Susanville, CA heading south into Reno, NV no roadside points of interest for any stationary, watch for mobile Ka coming down the road in opposite direction though, I've yet to ever make that drive (many thousands of times) and not see a CHP, 2 at the most. Never see them setting roadside for that direction, usually just coming or going from the North bound speed trap at the state line.

Once across the Nevada State line NHP will on occasion be heavy in this area with Ka POP, usually in open road areas so you can see them setting in center of the hwy well before they can get you.

In the opposite direction 395 North Bound from Reno to Susanville, CA just across the State line into CA and before 395 turns into just 2 lanes expect stationary on the right and sometimes left side of the highway, almost always, in fact I've almost never seen them not there, Ka and forward Laser. Past that point where the 4 lane divided hwy merges into just 2 lanes I've never seen a stationary, clear for cautious take off. Watch for on coming mobile though all the way to Susanville, CA, always see at least 1 or 2, never 3. CHP usualy in these areas seem to always have Ka guns on so there is typically warning.

US 395 in Reno and South of Reno

Past the I80 turn off everything South on 395 in city limits and beyond can be hot and heavy, motorcycle cops favorite area for both north and south bound traffic, risk increases the further south on 395 you go to where actual HWY ends. Ka, POP and Laser, no falses in this area.

US 395 South of Reno into Carson City

Washoe Valley, Paradise Valley, from one end of this stretch to the other all the way into Carson City its always hot and heavy with everything they have. They have a lot of lane cross over accidents do to Meth addicts in this area and the locals have complained so much that speed traps are all day and night 24/7. Its a 50MPH zone all the way to where the road splits and becomes a wide dividied highway and a 70 mph zone, again, use extreme caution in that entire 50mph zone, all the way to the last couple inches of it.

Once in that stretch of 70 mph its clear for take off till you see the hill way down the road and an overpass (can't miss it road is long and flat, plenty of notice), on occasion they hang in the center of the road under that overpass, not often, but they do do it. North bound in the other direction is usually clear all the way.

Reno City limits and City Streets
The obvious, schools zones, these are the most common areas to see any speed traps, most other areas are clear with one exception for some reason. Almost always daily hitting people on McCarran East bound at the I80 exit in front of the Walmart there.

Sparks city limits and streets
Sparks PD love to generate income and feel like real big city cops. Watch out for them everywhere. The only other place in the world where I've seen a police force think they were a military force executing Martial Law like this was in Mesa, AZ. They will pull you over for anything and everything (driving or walking) and if they didn't have a reason they fall back on the excuse that a broadcast came out matching your description. It's amazing the ACLU hasn't had a field day on their methods, tactics and practices, yet crime rate statistics aren't any better off in comparison to other cities in the area. If they do stop you, even for no reason, its highly unlikely you'll walk away from it without getting a fine for something. Mesa, AZ and Sparks, NV, if you could vote the worst police forces in the world, these two take the cake. At least in LA you have to be an actual criminal in the first place to feel their wrath, in these two cities no one is safe. You won't get beat up by them, but you will be harassed. "Serve and Protect" to them means serve you some kind of ticket and protect their own bank accounts.