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    Default PA - rt 15 near maryland/pa border

    PA state police patrol this area. They hide very well and use instant on K band radar. They usually try to pop you for speeding.

    If they catch you driving on 15 south after the maryland border, near or after gettysburg, they may ask you to fill out a "consent to search" form or ask you to consent to a search.

    They are looking for illegal fireworks or alcohol purchased in maryland (it is illegal to buy alcohol out of state and bring it into PA). Obviously, they will also look for any other contraband.

    I recommend putting any alcohol/other things out of plain view (in the trunk) and not consenting to any searches whether you have anything or not. If you do have an out of state bottle of wine (god forbid!), then I'd suggest driving the speed limit.

    You can read about my experience with the PSP here:

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    Default PLCB

    Today I showed up at court for my Illegal Transportation of Alcohol charge. The cop was nice, we worked out a deal, and I talked to him.

    I was surprised to find out how pathetic the PLCB actually is. Get this: according to the cop, the PLCB officers actually travel to liquor stores in maryland right along the border. They watch people with PA tags buy the liquor, then follow them back into PA and cite them.

    It is amazing at what lengths the PLCB goes to to protect their tax revenue, and amazing that they have nothing better to do.

    So be careful if you jump the PA/MD border to buy alcohol. If you think somebody is following you, take them on a wild goose chase through MD (the PLCB has no jurisdiction in MD). Or just pull over and wait for them to leave and if they stop and harass you call the cops in MD.

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    Get this: according to the cop, the PLCB officers actually travel to liquor stores in maryland right along the border.
    Interesting statement, owing to the fact that since 1987 a division of the PSP is in charge of liquor code enforcement:

    The BLCE officers are civilian employees of the State Police, not part of the PLCB. I've heard the stories about enforcement officers crossing state lines over the years, but you have to wonder how much of it is true, thinking about time/cost versus potential return. You should evaluate how accurate your Trooper's statement was, since he doesn't appear to know the structure of his own agency. :!:

    Congrats on your plea agreement, considering you were charged with more than 20 over the PSL, that's a good outcome.



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