There has been TONS of leo activity since at least Tuesday of this week. I've seen several unmarked WSP officers, saw three moto units today, and have seen a two marked WSP. They have been using a combination of IO Ka, CO Ka, and laser (PLIII). They use laser when you're NB on 205 just before the Vancouver Mall exit and just after the Mill Plain exit. They sit in the gravel turn-around that you do not see until you get to the top of a little hill, which is when you get nailed.

I saw a dark purple unmarked WSP officer running IO. It looked like a Crown Vic, but it looked a little different and sadly, I didn't pay more attention to the make/model. But the car was dark with tint. I also saw a newer grey Expedition sitting in the median (must have been doing paperwork because no radar/laser). But he was pretty obvious because he had all the antennas and stuff. The purple one looked VERY stealthy.

They're really out for blood for some reason. I've NEVER seen this much activity in such a short time frame. So BE CAREFUL!