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    Default Virginia Troopers Have Laser

    Hello all, long time lurker and member however have not posted in quite some time. A few days ago I was lasered by a Virginia State Trooper on I-95 just south of the Mixing Bowl in Springfield Virginia.

    The last time I was here it was widely believed the VA State Police were not yet operating laser...they are now. I apologize if this has already been discussed; I did do a search first.

    Also, there used to be a guy here who worked for/with the VA State Police on radar/laser issues. Is he still around?

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    nice knowing

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    Yes, sadly, VA


    A lot of VA now has laser. I've heard of it in Roanoke area, personally seen in Appomattox. VSP friend of mine loves his unit, he patrols central VA area, Lynchburg, Madison Heights, especially on the new Rt 29 bypass.

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    Virginia, unfortunately


    Laser is gradually becomming more popular with the VSP. Honestly, I'm suprised they don't use more laser in the NOVA area considering Arlington and Fairfax counties are almost all laser nowadays.

    The VA state trooper you are referring to is probably "thestampcollector".................he typically resides in the spectre/VG2 section.

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    Man this sucks, last time I was an active poster on here, VA Troopers did not have any laser units. This was confirmed by the guy who works for the VA State Police and tests them.

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    Oh one other thing, I was doing 20 over when I got tagged. The officer running the laser unit was standing on the shoulder in front of two troopers who were "ready to go". As soon as I passed, he stepped over and frantically motioned for the officers to go...I don't think they were paying attention and traffic was heavy. I took the next exit, hehehehe...



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