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    Default 3-3-08 NYS Thruway blitz

    I went from Rochester to Albany yesterday and saw ten Troopers, most of which running lidar in the middle. One was on the side of the road running lidar from a rest area. On the way back to Rochester then at night, similar experiences, just more radar.

    It was crazy. I have never seen anything like this. That same trip, I will usually see two speed traps, if that, but 10!!??

    I figured it would be a quiet day so I didn't bring my camera. I was sure wrong!

    No clue why there were so many out there, other than the fact it was almost 60 degrees (not like they're doing those numbers in the summer)... I wonder if they had some competition or something between barracks.

    I wasn't pulled over, so I was happy. Most of the time, I saw the Trooper first, then seconds later, I was hit with laser and my V1 went screaming. A lot of times they were selective and only shot fast movers. For all the laser traps, I saw them first and had just enough time to slow down. At night, I got scatter, so my V1 was going nuts when everyone in front of me was being shot. I didn't see any instant on radar, only constant on Ka, and I picked them up with enough distance.

    Funny how a Mercedes E class with an X50 blew by me, and my V1 was alerting with one dot. Then when he was about a mile ahead of me, he slammed on his breaks, only to find a Trooper in the median up ahead. I guess my V1 had a lot better range.

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    I got lasered this morning too, on I-93 S in Londonderry (NH). Must be the warm weather.

    Sharp eyes are the best defense against laser traps, unless you get a good jammer.
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    in jersey on 287S outside of whippany/parsippany there was a state trooper lasering from the emergency shoulder (far left). he was sticking half his body out the door firing back towards the oncoming traffic. he is a slick one cause he likes to sit under the overpass prob thinking not many people will be able to see him. it's gotta be the weather lol. maybe they figure more people are gonna get out and drive since it is warmer.



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