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Thread: NYC radar bands

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    Default NYC radar bands

    I have only gotten Ka from NYPD in NYC. Do they still have any K band guns as in the past? If they are exclusively Ka now, it will make my 9500i GPS true-lock decisions easier while in the area. I've been having fun locking out X-band like a mad man in the city. Can't turn it off since I drive to Jersey often.

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    NY uses K band, however, its quite rare they use Lidar on the LIE alot but they really are fond of Ka

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    Delayed post, but I have not seen them use K band in quite some time. Mostly Ka Constant on and a LOT more Laser

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    i get alot of KA on the southern state parkway

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    Default NYPD

    Normal NYPD patrol cops are not allowed to give speeding tickets as they are not trained. The only NYPD cops you need to worry about is Highway Patrol like on the Clearview, Bronx River by the Zoo and the Belt.

    As a side note, Highway 1 and Highway 2 screw around with each other in the wee hours of the mornings. Highway 2 will run up to the Clearview and run through a speed trap at 100+ MPH to piss the other guys off. Kinda funny I thought. I know a Highway 2 guy and a regular patrol cop.



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