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    Default mi - i-94 k-band / lidar trap

    3 state leos running lidar and k-band speed trapping between mile marker 30-34 on i-94 in michigan

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    Default that's

    That's a busy stretch used by the LEOS. I was just down in that area last weekend going to Benton Harbor. K,KA and Laser are mostly used in that section. Watch out between the 16 and 30 mmkrs too. On I-196, watch out at the 3 mmkr and the 13-16. Like to sit in the median. I used my Bel STi for the first half of the trip, and my V1 for the second half. Funny, I got more action this time on my STi than my V1. :shock: C/O k band at the 34.5 mmkr on I-196, state LEO in the median, STi picked it up w/ ease.




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