GCSO did a laser speed operation today for the northbound lanes of I-85 in the area of I-185, Highway 20, and White Horse Road. I didn't have time to get down there, however I did catch most of the radio traffic from this operation.

407 (one of the traffic unit supervisors) was on an overpass prior to White Horse Road (either at Hwy 20 or I-185) clocking vehicles. I am fairly certain he was clocking on-coming traffic, and not from behind. There were four chase cars; 411, 413, 414, and 417. Three of those units are unmarked.

It was the typical clock the vehicle, then call out the speed to the chase cars. Nearly all of the vehicle stops were for 80+, with several above 90. The posted limit in this area is 60.

So, watch out if you're driving through this area of Greenville County... I'm sure with the weather getting nicer, we'll be seeing more of the same.