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    Default LETHAL and SNEAKY Speed Trap in Jackson, NJ!! MUST READ!

    Location: Rt. 527/528, about .3 - .4 miles from the Church Hill Rd. intersection. The flower/vegetable/fruit shop on the side of the road with the gravel parking lot. The cops hide on the gravel parking lot.

    The speed limit goes from 40 MPH to 45 MPH right before it. If you're coming the other way, the speed limit will have been 45 MPH from the beginning of Rt. 527/528.

    Time: Cops only hide out there in the dead of night. The shop is open in the daytime and they would be too visible during daylight hours.

    Description: This is a LETHAL speed trap, even if you own a RD. Why? Because this flower/fruit shop gives off FALSE X Band alerts. The cops know this and use it to their advantage. If you have an Escort X50, you'll get 1 - 3 bars on X Band when passing by in the daylight hours, but when you pass by at night, you'll get a dose of some full alert X Band Instant-On!! You cannot see the officers (this area has no street lights and they hide WAY back in the gravel parking lot, possibly even the field beyond it) and the X Band false alert covers them until you are ON TOP of them. The only way to beat THIS speed trap is to be AWARE of it! NEVER speed by this flower/fruit shop at night. NEVER.

    I was saved because the first time I encountered this trap there was a vehicle about .2 miles ahead of me who took the hit first (and got pulled over - cop tore one helluva gouge in the gravel - I saw it the next day) and my X50 picked up the instant-on burst.

    Frequency of Enforcement: About 40% - 3 times a week or so. You really roll the dice if you speed past this area.

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    Very good description ,

    it would be worth to show it on video , like Outrun do. Call the video '' Master of Gravel ''. Did you know that gravel is a french word , meaning '' little rocks ''?

    Another proof that rd is not fool-proof and one has to drive intelligently.



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