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    Default Virginia Kills Controversial Fees Aimed at Abusive Drivers

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    Aren't their primaries come up soon...

    Power to the people!!!!

    Just goes to show, let them take a little and they take the whole pocket book.

    In PA when the State Rep voted themselves a 50% pay increase and people went nuts, and they rescinded the raises, it still cost 26 legislators and 2 judges their political positions

    The only bad thing is the guy who started this whole thing did not get voted out last fall, he should have fallen for this.

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    Default nice


    What's up dirt bag Albo!?

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    Default Albo

    This is from Albo's web sight:

    "As you know, I believe that those who drive drunk, maim others, drive at recklessly high speeds and kill others should pay more to drive in Virginia than those who just get a ticket now and then. This is exactly what the Abuser Fee law does. I submitted two bills to improve the Abuser Fee law to include out-of-state drivers and make some adjustments to the list of driving offenses included in the bill.

    However, my “Abuser Fee Fix” bills were killed. I previously wrote to you and promised to fix the Abuser Fee law by making it apply to out of state drivers. Since there was no way to make the Abuser Fees apply to out-of-state drivers, I was left with no other choice but to vote for the repeal."

    Haha how pathetic. I think he was left with "no other choice but to vote for the repeal" because half of Virginia hates him for it. Too bad for his traffic defense firm...

    How did this guy not lose his job / get voted out yet?

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    Don't worry, they'll come out with something ridiculous next year.

    But this is a victory for the people none the less. So much for all these fines making the roads safer, Virginia had a 19 year high traffic fatalities last year. Albo was reelected since no one ran against him, however I seriously doubt he will remain in office after next election.



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