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    Yea, I knew about that program, one of the main reasons I joined the Department of Corrections when I was living there.. but then they tried to claim the confidential address program was only for Correction Officers, even when I pointed out the vehicle code allowed for all employees;

    1808.4. (a) The home address of any of the following persons, that
    appears in any record of the department, is confidential, if the
    person requests the confidentiality of that information:
    (1) Attorney General.
    (2) State public defender.
    (3) Members of the Legislature.
    (4) Judges or court commissioners.
    (5) District attorneys.
    (6) Public defenders.
    (7) Attorneys employed by the Department of Justice, the office of
    the State Public Defender, or a county office of the district
    attorney or public defender.
    (8) City attorneys and attorneys who submit verification from
    their public employer that they represent the city in matters that
    routinely place them in personal contact with persons under
    investigation for, charged with, or convicted of, committing criminal
    acts, if those attorneys are employed by city attorneys.
    (9) Nonsworn police dispatchers.
    (10) Child abuse investigators or social workers, working in child
    protective services within a social services department.
    (11) Active or retired peace officers, as defined in Chapter 4.5
    (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2 of the Penal Code.

    (12) Employees of the Department of Corrections, the Department of
    the Youth Authority, or the Prison Industry Authority specified in
    Sections 20403 and 20405 of the Government Code.
    So then they tried to say that it only applied to Employees under 20403/20405 of the Government Code(tho I believe that was for Prison Industry Authority employees specifically not employed by the Department), here's the list of 20403/5 employees anyhow;

    20405. (a) "State safety member" shall also include officers and
    employees of the Board of Prison Terms, the Department of
    Corrections, the Department of the Youth Authority, or the Prison
    Industry Authority in the following classifications:

    Code Classification

    0683 Assistant Dairy Operator
    2156 Assistant Food Manager (Correctional Facility)
    4302 Assistant General Manager, Operations
    2080 Assistant Seamer (Correctional Facility)
    5447 Assistant Warden, Psychiatric Services,
    Correctional Facility
    6868 Automobile Mechanic (Correctional Facility)
    6394 Automotive Equipment Operator I (Correctional
    6392 Automotive Equipment Operator II (Correctional
    6893 Automotive Pool Manager I (Correctional Facility)
    2224 Baker I (Correctional Facility)
    2221 Baker II (Correctional Facility)
    2086 Barber (Correctional Facility)
    2084 Barbershop Manager (Correctional Facility)
    6216 Building Maintenance Worker (Correctional
    2245 Butcher--Meat Cutter II (Correctional Facility)
    6483 Carpenter I (Correctional Facility)
    6474 Carpenter II (Correctional Facility)
    6471 Carpenter III (Correctional Facility)
    2015 Chief Assistant General Manager, Prison Industries
    4110 Chief, Day Labor Programs (Correctional Facility)
    9344 Chief Dentist, Correctional Facility
    2578 Chief Deputy, Clinical Services, Correctional
    6699 Chief Engineer I (Correctional Facility)
    7547 Chief Medical Officer, Correctional Facility
    6754 Chief of Plant Operation I (Correctional Facility)
    6751 Chief of Plant Operation II (Correctional Facility)

    6748 Chief of Plant Operation III (Correctional
    9267 Chief Physician and Surgeon, Correctional Facility
    7612 Chief Psychiatrist, Correctional Facility
    9859 Chief Psychologist, Correctional Facility
    7146 Chief, Quality Assurance, Prison Industries
    9279 Clinical Dietician, Correctional Facility
    9293 Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Correctional
    4132 Construction Supervisor (Correctional Facility)
    4107 Construction Supervisor I (Correctional Facility)
    4108 Construction Supervisor II (Correctional Facility)
    4109 Construction Supervisor III (Correctional Facility)

    2187 Cook I (Correctional Facility)
    2186 Cook II (Correctional Facility)
    7208 Correctional Business Manager I, Department of
    4744 Correctional Business Manager II, Department of
    4910 Correctional Health Services Administrator I,
    Correctional Facility
    4912 Correctional Health Services Administrator II,
    Correctional Facility
    6304 Correctional Plant Manager I, Department of
    6305 Correctional Plant Manager II, Department of
    6303 Correctional Plant Supervisor, Department of
    9296 Dental Assistant, Correctional Facility
    9298 Dental Hygienist, Correctional Facility
    9299 Dental Laboratory Technician, Correctional
    9268 Dentist, Correctional Facility
    7200 Dry Cleaning Plant Supervisor
    6544 Electrician I (Correctional Facility)
    6538 Electrician II (Correctional Facility)
    6534 Electrician III (Correctional Facility)
    6916 Electronics Technician (Correctional Facility)
    6865 Equipment Maintenance Supervisor (Correctional
    2153 Food Administrator I (Correctional Facility)
    2147 Food Administrator II (Correctional Facility)
    2150 Food Manager (Correctional Facility)
    2196 Food Service Worker I (Correctional Facility)
    2195 Food Service Worker II (Correctional Facility)
    6955 Fusion Welder (Correctional Facility)
    6628 Glazier (Correctional Facility)
    0743 Groundskeeper (Correctional Facility)
    6826 Heavy Equipment Mechanic (Correctional
    6379 Heavy Truck Driver (Correctional Facility)
    9307 Hospital Aid, Correctional Facility
    7218 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Bindery)
    0648 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Crop
    0682 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Dairy)
    7204 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Dental
    7198 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Fabric
    7211 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Knit
    Goods Finishing)
    7210 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries
    (Knitting Mill)
    2109 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Laundry)
    7215 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries
    (Maintenance and Repair)
    7197 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Mattress
    and Bedding)
    7191 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Metal
    7216 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Printing)

    7207 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Shoe
    7206 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Shoes
    and Boots, Lasting to Packing)
    7321 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries
    7192 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Tool
    and Die)
    7179 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries
    7178 Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Wood
    2006 Janitor (Correctional Facility)
    2005 Janitor Supervisor I (Correctional Facility)
    2004 Janitor Supervisor II (Correctional Facility)
    2000 Janitor Supervisor III (Correctional Facility)
    9265 Laboratory Assistant, Correctional Facility
    2727 Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist
    2114 Laundry Supervisor I (Correctional Facility)
    2111 Laundry Supervisor II (Correctional Facility)
    2117 Laundry Worker (Correctional Facility)
    6867 Lead Automobile Mechanic (Correctional Facility)
    0720 Lead Groundskeeper (Correctional Facility)
    0718 Lead Groundskeeper I (Correctional Facility)
    2952 Librarian (Correctional Facility)
    6643 Locksmith I (Correctional Facility)
    6801 Machinist (Correctional Facility)
    6941 Maintenance Mechanic (Correctional Facility)
    6617 Mason (Correctional Facility)
    1508 Materials and Stores Supervisor I (Correctional
    1505 Materials and Stores Supervisor II (Correctional
    8217 Medical Technical Assistant, Correctional
    9273 Nurse Anesthetist, Correctional
    9353 Nurse Instructor, Correctional Facility
    9278 Nurse Practitioner, Correctional Facility
    9280 Occupational Therapist, Correctional Facility
    7971 Optometrist, Correctional Facility
    6528 Painter I (Correctional Facility)
    6524 Painter II (Correctional Facility)
    6521 Painter III (Correctional Facility)
    7199 Pest Control Technician (Correctional
    9281 Physical Therapist I, Correctional Facility
    9342 Physical Therapist II, Correctional Facility
    9269 Physician and Surgeon, Correctional Facility
    6550 Plumber I (Correctional Facility)
    6594 Plumber II (Correctional Facility)
    6545 Plumber III (Correctional Facility)
    7972 Podiatrist (Correctional Facility)
    1575 Prison Canteen Manager I
    1576 Prison Canteen Manager II
    7158 Prison Industries Administrator
    7157 Prison Industries Manager (General)
    7164 Prison Industries Manager (Metal Products)
    7165 Prison Industries Manager (Textile Products)
    7163 Prison Industries Manager (Wood Products)
    0679 Prison Industries Superintendent I (Agriculture)
    0617 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Agriculture)
    7217 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Bindery)
    7109 Prison Industries Superintendent I (Coffee
    Roasting and Grinding)
    7203 Prison Industries Superintendent I (Dental
    7202 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Dental
    7170 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Detergent)
    7350 Prison Industries Superintendent I (Egg
    7194 Prison Industries Superintendent I (Fabric
    7195 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Fabric
    7351 Prison Industries Superintendent I (Fiberglass
    7352 Prison Industries Superintendent I (Furniture
    7209 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Knitting Mill)

    2108 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Laundry)
    7154 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Maintenance
    and Repair)
    7196 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Mattress and
    7189 Prison Industries Superintendent I (Metal
    7190 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Metal
    7214 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Printing)
    7205 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Shoe
    7320 Prison Industries Superintendent I (Silkscreen)
    7319 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Silkscreen)
    7175 Prison Industries Superintendent I (Wood
    7172 Prison Industries Superintendent II (Wood
    4760 Procurement and Services Officer I (Correctional
    4761 Procurement and Services Officer II (Correctional
    7162 Product Engineering Technician, Prison Industries
    7156 Production Manager I, Prison Industries
    1793 Property Controller I (Correctional Facility)
    1794 Property Controller II (Correctional Facility)
    9282 Psychiatric Social Worker, Correctional Facility
    9283 Psychologist--Clinical, Correctional Facility
    9284 Psychology Associate, Correctional Facility
    9354 Psychology Internship Director, Correctional
    9285 Psychometrist, Correctional Facility
    9274 Public Health Nurse I, Correctional Facility
    9345 Public Health Nurse II, Correctional Facility
    7145 Quality Assurance Manager, Prison Industries
    3080 Quality Control Technician, Prison Industries
    (Cleaning Products)
    9315 Radiologic Technologist, Correctional Facility
    9286 Recreation Therapist, Correctional Facility
    6715 Refrigeration Engineer (Correctional Facility)
    9275 Registered Nurse, Correctional Facility
    2734 Resource Specialist, Special Education
    9316 Respiratory Care Practitioner, Correctional
    9854 School Psychologist
    2077 Seamer (Correctional Facility)
    9348 Senior Clinical Laboratory Technologist,
    Correctional Facility
    9266 Senior Laboratory Assistant, Correctional Facility
    2945 Senior Librarian (Correctional Facility)
    8215 Senior Medical Technical Assistant
    9346 Senior Occupational Therapist, Correctional
    9270 Senior Psychiatrist, Correctional Facility
    9271 Senior Psychiatrist, Correctional Facility
    9289 Senior Psychologist, Correctional Facility
    9287 Senior Psychologist, Correctional Facility
    9288 Senior Psychologist, Correctional Facility
    9350 Senior Radiologic Technologist, Correctional
    Facility (Specialist)
    9351 Senior Radiologic Technologist, Correctional
    Facility (Supervisor)
    7562 Sheet Metal Worker (Correctional Facility)
    6211 Skilled Laborer (Correctional Facility)
    9911 Social Worker, Youth Authority
    9272 Staff Psychiatrist, Correctional Facility
    9290 Staff Psychologist--Clinical, Correctional Facility

    6713 Stationary Engineer (Correctional Facility)
    6718 Stationary Engineer Apprentice (Four-Year
    Program) (Correctional Facility)
    6557 Steamfitter Supervisor (Correctional Facility)
    3082 Substitute Academic Teacher (Correctional
    9349 Supervising Clinical Laboratory Technologist,
    Correctional Facility
    2183 Supervising Cook I (Correctional Facility)
    2182 Supervising Cook II (Correctional Facility)
    0716 Supervising Groundskeeper II (Correctional
    2044 Supervising Housekeeper I (Correctional Facility)
    2940 Supervising Librarian (Correctional Facility)
    9276 Supervising Psychiatric Nurse, Correctional
    9291 Supervising Psychiatric Social Worker I,
    Correctional Facility
    9292 Supervising Psychiatric Social Worker II,
    Correctional Facility
    9317 Supervising Registered Nurse I, Correctional
    9318 Supervising Registered Nurse II, Correctional
    9319 Supervising Registered Nurse III, Correctional
    9910 Supervising Social Worker I, Youth Authority
    9908 Supervising Social Worker II, Youth Authority
    2305 Supervisor of Academic Instruction (Correctional
    6763 Supervisor of Building Trades (Correctional
    2384 Supervisor of Commercial Diver Training
    2303 Supervisor of Correctional Education Programs
    2370 Supervisor of Vocational Instruction
    9277 Surgical Nurse I, Correctional Facility
    9329 Surgical Nurse II, Correctional Facility
    3073 Teacher (Adaptive Physical Education)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2286 Teacher (Cerebral Palsied Children)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2287 Teacher (Elementary--Multiple Subjects)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2288 Teacher (Emotionally/Learning Handicapped)
    (Correctional Facility)
    3075 Teacher (English Language Development)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2297 Teacher (Ethnic Studies) (Correctional Facility)
    2289 Teacher (Family Life Education) (Correctional
    2373 Teacher (Hearing Impaired) (Correctional
    2284 Teacher (High School--Arts and Crafts)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2285 Teacher (High School--Business Education)
    (Correctional Facility)
    3074 Teacher (High School--English/Language Arts)
    (Correctional Facility)
    3076 Teacher (High School--Foreign Language)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2290 Teacher (High School--General Education)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2291 Teacher (High School--Home Economics)
    (Correctional Facility)
    3077 Teacher (High School--Mathematics) (Correctional
    2294 Teacher (High School--Music) (Correctional
    2295 Teacher (High School--Physical Education)
    (Correctional Facility)
    3078 Teacher (High School--Science) (Correctional
    3079 Teacher (High School--Social Science)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2298 Teacher (Librarian) (Correctional Facility)
    2292 Teacher (Mentally Retarded Children)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2371 Teacher (Speech Development and Correction)
    (Correctional Facility)
    6400 Teaching Assistant (Correctional Facility)
    7201 Tobacco Factory Superintendent
    7560 Tractor Operator--Laborer (Correctional Facility)
    6382 Truck Driver (Correctional Facility)
    6772 Utility Shops Supervisor (Correctional Facility)
    2387 Vocational Instructor (Airframe Mechanics)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2853 Vocational Instructor (Animal Husbandry)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2396 Vocational Instructor (Auto Body and Fender
    Repair) (Correctional Facility)
    2398 Vocational Instructor (Auto Mechanics)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2399 Vocational Instructor (Baking) (Correctional
    2400 Vocational Instructor (Bookbinding) (Correctional
    2854 Vocational Instructor (Building Maintenance)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2417 Vocational Instructor (Carpentry)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2419 Vocational Instructor (Commercial Diver
    Training) (Correctional Facility)
    2855 Vocational Instructor (Computer and Related
    Technologies) (Correctional Facility)
    2420 Vocational Instructor (Cosmetology) (Correctional
    2422 Vocational Instructor (Culinary Arts)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2869 Vocational Instructor (Dental Technology)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2856 Vocational Instructor (Diesel Mechanics)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2423 Vocational Instructor (Dog Grooming and
    Handling) (Correctional Facility)
    2425 Vocational Instructor (Drycleaning Works)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2857 Vocational Instructor (Drywall Installer/Taper)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2426 Vocational Instructor (Electrical Work)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2428 Vocational Instructor (Electronics) (Correctional
    2688 Vocational Instructor (Eyewear Manufacturing)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2429 Vocational Instructor (Fire Science) (Correctional
    2858 Vocational Instructor (Floor Cover Layer)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2431 Vocational Instructor (Furniture Refinishing and
    Repair) (Correctional Facility)
    2432 Vocational Instructor (Garment Making)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2433 Vocational Instructor (Heavy Equipment Repair)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2597 Vocational Instructor (Household Appliance
    Repair) (Correctional Facility)
    2598 Vocational Instructor (Industrial Arts)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2599 Vocational Instructor (Instrument Repair)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2600 Vocational Instructor (Janitorial Service)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2601 Vocational Instructor (Landscape Gardening)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2611 Vocational Instructor (Laundry Work)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2614 Vocational Instructor (Machine Shop
    Practice) (Correctional Facility)
    2615 Vocational Instructor (Masonry) (Correctional
    2619 Vocational Instructor (Meat Cutting)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2627 Vocational Instructor (Mechanical Drawing)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2628 Vocational Instructor (Merchandising)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2630 Vocational Instructor (Mill and Cabinet Work)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2674 Vocational Instructor (Office Machine Repair)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2849 Vocational Instructor (Office Services and Related
    Technologies) (Correctional Facility)
    2640 Vocational Instructor (Offset Printing)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2644 Vocational Instructor (Painting) (Correctional
    2645 Vocational Instructor (Plastering) (Correctional
    2661 Vocational Instructor (Plumbing) (Correctional
    2665 Vocational Instructor (Powerplant Mechanics)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2666 Vocational Instructor (Printing) (Correctional
    2667 Vocational Instructor (Radiologic Technology)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2668 Vocational Instructor (Refrigeration and
    Air-conditioning Repair) (Correctional Facility)
    2850 Vocational Instructor (Roofer) (Correctional
    2669 Vocational Instructor (Sewing Machine Repair)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2670 Vocational Instructor (Sheet Metal Work)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2671 Vocational Instructor (Shoemaking) (Correctional
    2672 Vocational Instructor (Silk Screening Process)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2851 Vocational Instructor (Small Engine Repair)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2673 Vocational Instructor (Storekeeping and
    Warehousing) (Correctional Facility)
    5415 Vocational Instructor (Telemarketing/Customer
    Service) (Correctional Facility)
    2675 Vocational Instructor (Upholstering) (Correctional
    2676 Vocational Instructor (Vocational Nursing)
    (Correctional Facility)
    2677 Vocational Instructor (Welding)
    (Correctional Facility)
    1504 Warehouse Manager I (Correctional Facility)
    1502 Warehouse Manager II (Correctional Facility)
    6221 Warehouse Worker (Correctional Facility)
    6724 Water and Sewage Plant Supervisor
    (Correctional Facility)
    2311 Youth Authority Teacher
    Out of all those, you would think Office Assistant would be included when f$$cking "2006 Janitor (Correctional Facility)" is.[/quote]



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