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    Default FYI: Ghosted livery on HPD cars.

    A friend of mine messaged me with a sighting of an HPD Charger using "ghosted" livery in North Houston. I spotted a Crown Vic with the same setup Thursday and now this morning another one shooting laser on 59 south.

    The brake lights tipped me off so I was down to the PSL and behind an SUV before I crested the hill but it's a PL3 again.

    I should also mention that this "unmarked" car which I still consider them to be are hard to miss. Wide tires, spotter, tinted windows and a push bar. I've spotted all of them very easy.

    I'm going to run by the HPD lot sometime and try and snap a picture of one. And maybe slip a GPS dot on it too.
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    It is actually white reflective markings on a white car. Pretty sneaky.



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