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    Default ENRADD Discussion on another board

    Hey guys scroll down someone paid us a complement, he said we are professional speeders and we research all speed detection equipment they must hold us high regards

    Also the guy who started this tread attempt to get technical information on ENRADD and fail he was trying to prove it could be set up improperly.

    Also, if your read down on PA LEO responded and say he was never trained on what could go wrong or if it could be set up wrong. Since he was not trained he can not testify that it can even happen.

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    I can't stand the "Us against Them" mentality the cops on that forum have. They're so self-important and arrogant, and they're condescending to anyone who isn't a LEO. Right off the bat they're threatening to delete that guy's thread because they assumed he was trying to beat a ticket. Just obnoxious.

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    No joy on the link. Can you pull a few quotes?



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