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    Default Speed traps on the Lower Cape, MA

    I posted this at a forum in my home area:;f=3;t=000109
    I do a lot of driving. Occasionally I'm running late and tend to drive faster than I probably should. So I decided to buy a radar detector (Vector 995). Hopefully the $300 I dropped will save me a $200+ ticket and insurance bumps.
    I just bought my detector today and the only signal I got was from a Ranger in Wellfleet. I know the Staties setup a laser trap between exit 6-7. Other than those, does anyone know what each town uses?

    Also where are the traps?
    I know of a bunch on the lower Cape:

    Provincetown: They sit right at the Truro border on 6, (Truro does the same thing), and along the stretch from the Truro border to the first set of lights. Especially around Snail Rd.

    Truro: Provincetown border, around the Citgo station, the elementary school, and occasionally on parts of old rt 6, near Bayberry and close to the Wellfleet border.
    At least one cruiser on the road at night/early morning.

    Wellfleet: Around Scumbys, Mobile, PJ's, and around Marconi.
    At night Wellfleet likes to play games on the road. They are probably the most aggressive on the lower Cape. I'm pretty sure they've taken the crown away from Eastham as far as tickets go. I've seen them follow a car close, then when another car passes them they quickly turn around in the middle of the road, and get right on the ass of that car. I've had them get so close on my bumper that I couldn't even see their headlights, and I'm not the only one who has had this happen. Obviously, those are tactics used to intimidate drivers at night.
    At least two cruisers patrolling during the night/early morning in the summer.

    Eastham: At the Flea Market, across from Big Al's hot dog stand, around the Sheraton, The Redbarn, at the cemetery across from Olivers, the RMV, and right before the rotary.
    At night/early morning they have at least 2 cruisers on the road during the summer.
    To my surprise I didn't receive one thanks. Instead I was blasted a little.
    Hopefully this will be helpful to someone here.

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    I know it's hard to decipher where the traps are if you are not familiar with the area. If anyone needs the exact areas let me know.

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    im actually heading up on monday.... thanks for the info

    what bands do each town use?

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    I've only had my detector for about a week now, but from what I've seen Eastham uses Ka. The Rangers K, and Truro uses K, and I think they have POP on their brand new ATV. I've had POP go off in Wellfleet, but I haven't seen any cops around the area. Watch out for Wellfleet, they are sneaky SOB's. I've heard that Truro is bad too.
    I'm running a Beltronics V995.

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    cool... i figured with how much the towns rake in from tourist's they'd have decent equipment.

    what about instant-on? do they only hit people they know are speeding, or do they just nail everyone?

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    Default Exit 6 to 7 TWO locations

    Rt 6 East Bound (MID Cape Highway) Cape Cod
    After Exit 6 (Hyannis) on the right is an island or old rest stop. Just past the golf hole through the trees.
    They back into the trees there and LIDAR you.

    THEN 1/2 mile later is a real rest stop and they back into the little scrub brush tree feet from the breakdown lane. Tag teams about there.

    Once the Mid Cape Highway (Rt6) dropps to two lanes outside of Orleans you're advised to go the limit.......... FAR too many places to hide.........



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