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    Default My Memorial Day Trip (DC to NH)

    A few points of interest to share here. From Washington, DC to Delaware Memorial Bridge I counted 12 Maryland State Troopers.

    If travelling 95 through Baltimore (either direction) keep an eye out for a dark red Mustang. It's really a Maryland State Trooper. There's also a black SUV (Ford or GM I think) in the same area. I saw both writing people up on my trip.

    Laser was in use between exits 4 and 5 on the New Jersey Turnpike (southbound on my trip).

    My LPP saved me on 495 in Massachusetts between Haverill and the 495/95 N merge near the coast. The median is very wide with lots of trees to provide cover. The trooper was parked in the brush aiming his gun out the side window through some tree branches. Couldn't make out the gun but I was over PSL when my Cheetah went off! He paid me no mind as I passed him.

    That was a perfect ending to an interesting 480 mile drive.

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    nice save and thx for the info on maryland

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    That spot on the NJTP sounds like the state police overpass near mm 37. They love to sit there and run laser at the southbound traffic. Also, there's another overpass near mm 13 where they like to sit.

    I didn't know about marylands mustang and suv, definitely have to keep an eye out. I do know that the Delaware Troopers have a tan-ish trailblazer and a dark blue charger that I've seen patroling I95. Interestingly, one time sitting in traffic on I95 N in Delaware and a car went by trying to pull that old trick of skipping the traffic by driving on the shoulder, but there was that trailblazer up ahead. Sure enough, as traffic inched forward, I saw the shoulder-hopping car pulled over with a trooper writing a ticket in the trailblazer.

    Side question, scrapser, I remember reading about how you had gotten to shoot laser at your lpp setup and if I remember you had gotten higher than desired PTs. Did you ever get that resolved and what was it from? I guess I'm asking since my last few laser encounters have left me to wonder about whether or not they're getting PT, they don't seem to target me for all that long.



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