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    Default Rt 78 NJST w/laser

    Going home west bound on rt78 around 7pm this past Sunday. I was on the left lane keeping up with the medium volume traffic. All the sudden before the Berkeley Heights exit 43 my v1 laser went off, thinking it was only some Infiniti FX giving me the false alert so I was just curiously looking around. But few seconds later, I realized cars ahead are breaking for some reason and there he was, sitting on shoulder of west bound with his driver side window open shooting his laser on coming traffic.

    Everyone going that at night, drive safe.

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    Shiiiiiit, I go by there all the time. I'm usually going east bound at night and I get off at exit 44... I've seen troopers sitting on the right shoulder on the westbound lanes though. Never got a reading from them though. Guess now I know why. I might actually have to look into a jammer now.



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