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    Default Wheaton IL's finest in full force 7-2-08 and ISP on 294

    on my way from the dentist on Roosevelt to home off of Naperville rd and then down Butterfield rd towards oakbrook I saw 7! yes 7! LEO's. 5 of them were moving the other 2 where hiding waiting for customers. (8-8:15am)

    one of the stationary ones was just outside the dentist office and me and the dentist were watching him, he came and went 3 times in an hour tagging customers. (7-8am)

    I also saw a ISP on 294 north by the O'Hare oasis watching traffic. (8:30am)

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    Default watch

    Watch it, I had heard a while back that x band radar was being used on "occasion" in Wheaton IL. It would be nice for someone to check on this for us though.



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