Has any of you noticed a bunch of new cameras near by the south of 95th ave construction zone?

Actually some of them are not within but quite a bit away from the actual work zone. Some of these dark tinted upside-down half dome cameras with solar panels on long polls are permanently installed but some are small mobile trailer units with a set of wheels. I'm not talking about the white rectangular cameras with solar panels that's been around for few years.

I'm not sure whether they are traffic monitoring cameras or speed trap cameras. They do not emit any detectable signals that my Escort 8500-X50 can detect. It seems to me there are a way too many of them to be for traffic monitoring. I'm very observant about anything on any roads but especially on highways and tollways and I'm pretty sure I first noticed them on 6-21-2008.

Any idea?

It's making me concerned enough that I'm thinking about gettin the new 9500ix with "marking" feature.