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    Default LIDAR and Radar Units in Kansas as of Jan 2005

    Date of Renewal: January 28, 2005
    The State of Kansas Surplus Property reserves the right to approve or reject all trade-in allowances for state owned units.

    The following is a list of units in current use by the Highway Patrol:

    423 Each Stalker Dual SL Radars
    6 Each Stalker Motorcycle Lidars
    6 Each Kustom Signals Pro Laser II Lidars
    6 Each Laser Technology Ultralyte 2000 LR Lidars
    2 Each Laser Technology Marksman Lidars

    It is expected that other State Agencies and Political Subdivisions will use from this contract but we have no idea of the brand, condition or quantity of radars and lidars they will want to purchase or trade-in.

    Google search for: "LIDAR Stalker LZ operators manual"

    [DOC] CONTRACT RENEWAL Date of Renewal: January 28, 2005 Contract Number ...
    File Format: Microsoft Word 2000 - View as HTML
    Includes: Stalker Lidar Body, Cigarette Plug Handle, Waterproof Carrying Case,. Operators Manual and a 2-year warranty. Package #2 Reference # LZ-2 ... - Similar pages

    Search result #2.
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    Default RESULT 3#

    BTW: HEre's the NEXT search entry:

    Guys of LIDAR - News And Information Page
    They will guide the team in the proper operation of the speed measurement ... Radar Roy allowed us to borrow his Stalker LZ-1 Laser gun for our tests. ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

    -Suf Daddy



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