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    Default SE Michigan: I-275 Northbound / Beck Rd near Northville

    Around 9:45pm after dark. Crown Vic trooper in the median, front end facing on coming traffic with lights out and one arm sticking out of the driver side window with LIDAR gun (left handed LEO?). Looks like he was waiting for his prey as my V1 didn't give any alert and he wasn't aiming at the time. The LEO was next to impossible to spot in the dark. So don't drive on the fast lane and speed at night.

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    yup, they like to use laser on 275, I was driving one day heading south and I was in the left hand lane leading the pack, when I got hit by laser. luckily I was not speeding, so I just saved a lot of people's butts, because you know people easily exceed 80mph on 275.



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