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    Default New Jersey Drivers **Radar Bands by Town Updated to Sticky**

    I've now consolidated all posts onto this page:

    New Jersey State Police X-band, introducing K/Ka-band

    Bergen County
    Bergen County Sheriff X-band
    Oakland Police Instant-On K-band
    Franklin Lakes Police Ka-band
    Ramsey Police Ka/K/X-bands
    Mahwah Police K/Ka-band, 287 - Exit 54 Speed Traps
    Wyckoff Police K-band

    Burlington County
    Moorestown Police Ka-band
    Florence Police X-band
    Roebling Police X-band

    Camden County
    Cherry Hill Police X/K-band, Possibly Ka-band (Not 100%, I did recieve a low alert and it was not a false)
    Voorhees Police Ka/K/X-band
    Gibbsboro Police K-band
    Atco Police Ka-band
    Haddon Township Police Ka/K-band

    Cape May County
    Ocean City Police Ka/K-band
    Somers Point Police X-band

    Cumberland County
    Cumberlabd County Sheriff X-band
    Millville Police K-band
    Vineland Police X-band some traffic division have K-band
    Bridgeton Police X-band
    Pitman Police Ka-band
    Wildwood Police Ka-band

    Gloucester County
    Washington Township X-band

    Mercer County
    Readington Police X-band
    Ewing Police Instant-On X-band, Ka-band
    TCNJ Campus Police Ka-band

    Morris County
    Morristown Police Ka-band, *Instant on K-band*
    Harding Twp Police Instant on K-band, Cont. X-band
    Morris County Park Police Cont. X-band, K-band
    Mendham Twp Police Cont. Ka Dual Antenna, also 1 unmarked Crown Victoria X-band, possibly Instant on
    Mendham Police K-band
    Madison Police Cont. K-band, Ka-band
    Chatham Police Instant on K-band, X-band rear+forward mounted
    Chatham Twp Police X-band, K-band
    Millburn Twp Police ? Ka/K-band instant on/UNCONFIRMED source
    Chester Twp Police Cont. X-band
    Chester Police K-band, Instant On X-band

    Hunterdon County
    Clinton Police Ka-band (A&P is the K-signal)
    Clinton Twp Police K, Ka and IIRC X-band
    High Bridge Police K-band, infrequent Ka-band
    Rt. 513 (Lebanon) K-band
    Long Valley Police Instant-on K-band (these guys are queeksdraws)Includes parts of Tewksbury.
    Rt 31 K, Ka, X very adept at hiding under constant X signal south of Glen Gardner, mostly at night, probably for DUI.

    Monmouth County
    Asbury Park X-band
    Monmouth beach K/Ka-band, instant on KA
    Ocean Port Police X-band, instant on X
    Long Branch Police ka-band
    Sea Bright Police X/K-band
    Sandy Hook Police Ka-band
    Middletown Police X-band
    Deal Police X-band
    Garden State Parkway (NJSP) X-band, instant on x
    Runson Police K-band and rolling instant on K band
    Fort Monmouth Police Ka-band
    Holmdel Twp Police X/K-band
    Manasquan Police Ka-band

    Somerset County
    Bernardsville Police Ka-band equipted cruisers/X-band equipted SUV
    Bernards Twp Police X-band instant on
    Far Hills Police Instant on Ka-band use on 202
    Bedminster Twp Police Cont. K-band and X-band
    Peapack Police Ka-band Dual Antenna*RT 206 speed traps*

    Sussex County
    Newton Police K-band
    Sparta Police Ka-band, Dual Antenna (only encountered constant though...wierd)
    State Police Troop B K-band, instant on Ka-band, Laser [/i]

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    Hunterdon County
    Clinton (town): Ka (A&P is the K-signal)
    Clinton Township: K, Ka and IIRC X
    High Bridge: K, infrequent Ka, moving K from behind and oncoming.
    Rt. 513 (Lebanon): K
    Long Valley: Instant-on K (these guys are queeksdraws)Includes parts of Tewksbury.
    Rt 31: K, Ka, X very adept at hiding under constant X signal south of Glen Gardner, mostly at night, probably for DUI.

    Many towns out here have no PDs and are patrolled by NJSP, so X-band is omnipresent. I for one find Hampton aka Humpton quite charming as its main street is all speed bumps

    Traditionally, the use of radar increases late in August due to the start of school. Makes sense, as this is an area of predominantly 50 MPH roads with interspersed school zones. Also the school buses stop on the 50 MPH roads, so any action to increase speed awareness is probably just.

    You really don't need a RD on the secondary roads in Hunterdon County, as NJs unmarked speed limits are 25/50 and most roads fit the latter speed, i.e. rural, not business or residential.

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    bump for update

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    monmouth beach, nj......... K/ka band instant on KA
    ocean port, nj............... x band instant on X
    long branch, nj............. ka band
    sea bright, nj ............... X/k band
    sandy hook, nj............ KA band
    middle town. nj ...........X band
    deal, nj........................x band
    garden state parkway...... instant on X band
    runson, nj..................... K band and rolling instant on K band
    fort monmouth, nj KA band

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    bump small update - Far Hills police enforcing speed on 202 by using Instant on Ka band, got hit tonight but had my x50 and wasn't speeding. The Ka went on, and then off really quickly as I passed the officer hiding in the dark.

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    monmouth co

    ocean twp - x / K
    holmdel twp - x / K
    middletown - x
    manasquan - ka

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    updated 1/10

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    Cape May County
    Ocean City- Ka, K
    Somers point- X

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
    Laser Jammer-Laser Interceptor Quad
    GPS Camera Locator-Cheetah C100
    GPS Nav-Garmin nuvi w/Trapster
    CB Radio-Galaxy DX-949 w/Wilson 500
    Scanner-RS Pro-96

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    I encountered lots of constant Ka in Kenilworth last Thanksgiving.
    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

    If speed kills, how come I'm still alive?

    Active Countermeasures: V1 3.858, Escort Redline, Beltronics STi-R+, LI Dual 7.1x CPU/8.7 Heads (front)
    Other/Backup Countermeasures: V1 3.813 (loaned to friend), Beltronics Pro RX65 M4 6.3
    Vehicle: 2002 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro
    LEO Toys: Kustom Pro Laser II & III
    Encounters/Saves August 2011: Radar 3/1, Laser 0/0

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    Bergen County
    Bergen County: X
    Oakland: Instant-On K
    Franklin Lakes: Ka
    Ramsey: Ka, K, X
    Mahwah: K
    Wyckoff: K

    Mercer County
    Readington: X
    Ewing: Instant-On X, Ka
    TCNJ Campus Police: Ka



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